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Thank you all that have mailed me about the rapidity of my recovery
God bless you all.

For pix/video I took of you or an event that I recorded and gave you a card.

Include the number on the card..


Click for examples of websites

Websites designed to client specifications.

My hosting packages may include products and services supplied by Web.com/Network Solutions.

All Web.com services in my package will be applied to your domain. 

I registered my first NetSol domain in 1995 as ‘NIC Handle’ MM574; this means that I was the 574th MM to claim a domain on the internet.

Any issue with your website or E-mail will be addressed with one message or call.

OS, Security, Hardware or software issues you may encounter are included.

I support by most means of communication.


I build it the way you want it, give you the keys, and it's yours.

Video services may be incorporated in any product we supply

E-Mail Your Requirements


Pix and video production in our area
Pix and video editing of your raw output

We have relocated to CenLa and are available in

Colfax/Alexandria area for video production 

E-Mail Your Video production/editing needs and your location.

Research Assistance

In-depth Internet and Social Networking Research. Texas Legal assistance also available.

I am contractually bound to not disclose any client data at all.

E-Mail Your Requirements

Project Support

Project support services :
Writing, editing, and proofreading general and technical content and presentations
Patent Pending Document Preparation
Pix and video production
Pix and video/audio editing raw output: Post-House

P.A.T. Mc on YouTube

Creative output & demonstration from the Video Editor

Personal Website


New Studio is Located In Colfax, Louisiana

Clients may be referred to a certified associate.