The Former Republic of Texas 

For pix/video I took of you or an event that I recorded and gave you a card.

Include the number on the card..


Websites designed to client specifications.

My hosting packages may include products and services supplied by Solutions.

All services in my package will be applied to your domain. 

I registered my first NetSol domain in 1995 as ‘NIC Handle’ MM574; this means that I was the 574th MM to claim a domain on the internet.

Any issue with your website or E-mail will be addressed with one message or call.

OS, Security, Hardware or software issues you may encounter are included.

I support by most means of communication.


I build it the way you want it, give you the keys, and it's yours.

Video services may be incorporated in any product we supply

E-Mail Your Requirements


Pix and video production
Pix and video editing of your raw output

E-Mail Your Video production/editing needs and your location.

Research Assistance

In-depth Internet and Social Networking Research. Texas Legal assistance also available.

I am contractually bound to not disclose any client data at all.

E-Mail Your Requirements

Project Support

Project support services recently performed:
Writing, editing, and proofreading general and technical content and presentations
Patent Pending Document Preparation
Pix and video production
Pix and video/audio editing raw output: Post-House

P.A.T. Mc on YouTube

Creative output & demonstration from the Video Editor

Personal Website


Next Studio Will Be In Alexandria, La

Clients may be referred to a certified associate.

The Former Republic of Texas


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